Brand Prototype Design Process

Designing a retail brand environment begins with a brand voice summary statement and mood boards to study the brand’s DNA. Out of this exploration comes initial design ideation. After client review and agreement on the direction to express the core of the brand, we create the customer journey through 2D and 3D design. Materials, colors, graphic elements and images are brought into play to define the customer’s retail experience.

Next we document the prototype and manage the construction process. The prototype study is complete once the client and design team have evaluated the prototype and a rollout package is created.

Retail exterior view representing brand summary statement

Brand Summary Statement

Start with a brand summary statement that reflects the brand’s mission, personality, differentials, and leadership.

Inspiration mood board with food and color swatches

Mood Board

Build a collection of inspirational images and visuals to illustrate the brand statement.

Initial design voice brand strategy icon

Initial Design Ideation

Create a design voice through the use of colors, graphics, type, materials and other visual tools.

Interior design schematic of retail environment

Initial Design Schematics

Identify what is needed to bring to life the brand voice in the exterior of the building and enhance the guest experience in the interior.

Develop initial sketches to express the guest experience while traveling through the public spaces.

Wallpaper pattern from retail design interior

2d Design Voice

Design system of colors, textures and graphic imagery to educate and entertain the target guests.

Retail interior front counter with signage and photography

3d Design Voice

Draw up schematic plans mapping the customers’ journey, solidifying the relationship between 2D graphics and 3D space.

Signage and waypoints showing retail store highlights

2d Way Points

Integrate 2D and 3D into the design through the use of color, texture, pattern, photography, graphics and typeface.

Materials fabrics and colors used in Panera Bread interior design

Materials and Colors

Assemble colors, materials, fabrics, lighting fixtures, and all other 3D voices to create interior design system.

Interior retail design lighting schematic

Design Development

Identify and design all the elements starting from the building exterior and signage and all interior spaces.

Develop waypoints to heighten the expression of the brand and key attributes.

Bring the 2D and 3D design to life with a lighting plan.

Construction document

Construction Documents

Detail all 2D and 3D elements and document in construction-ready format.

Interior design wall paint


Produce all 2D and 3D elements on budget and schedule with team of carefully selected vendors.

Retail prototype design finished interior view


Evaluate the success of the prototype design from brand voice and budgetary standpoints.

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